Hillsborough County Family Law Attorney

It is never easy to work out a divorce settlement or custody agreement. But going to court should be a last resort. A judge's ruling may not solve the underlying dispute, and litigation is needlessly expensive and adversarial.

As a divorce and family law attorney serving Nashua and Manchester, I encourage clients to pick their battles wisely and aim for practical and amicable solutions, especially where children are involved. My name is Paul Petrillo, a lawyer practicing in the family courts of Rockingham County and Hillsborough County. Please contact me today for personalized attention to these very serious matters.

Hillsborough County Divorce And Child Custody Attorney

I get satisfaction from solving problems and assisting families in transition, but the bottom line is that I am here to protect your interests and your child's best interests. I represent clients in all areas of family law, including:

A Client-Centered Family Law Practice

Some family law attorneys actually foster disputes to stretch matters out and extract more fees from clients. I am absolutely prepared to stand up for you in contested proceedings, but my philosophy is to move forward and resolve disputes out of court when possible. I do not bill my clients for ridiculous things or string them along with false promises. I try to be a "straight shooter" so that you can make informed decisions about issues that will have a long-term impact on you, your family and your finances.

For a free and confidential consultation with a compassionate family law lawyer, call me at 603-635-4149 or contact me online. I represent men and women in the Merrimack Valley of New Hampshire.