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Adjusting To A New Financial Reality

Many divorces are driven by financial strains and arguments over money, so divorce and bankruptcy are commonly intertwined. Filing for bankruptcy can actually streamline divorce, save your house and put you in a better financial position.

Protect Your Finances During And After Divorce

I am Paul Petrillo, an experienced lawyer who practices in both bankruptcy and family law. I have helped clients throughout Nashua and Manchester file bankruptcy for strategic reasons prior to divorce. I have also helped clients file for bankruptcy in the aftermath of divorce to avoid creditor actions and get back on track financially.

My New Hampshire law practice serves people of all walks of life in the Merrimack Valley. I will personally sit down with you to explore the pros and cons of bankruptcy in the context of divorce.

Could Bankruptcy Help You?

Many divorced people get into a financial hole as they adjust to living on one income. They max out the credit cards or skip loan payments to make ends meet, leading to foreclosure, repossession and other creditor actions. I can help you deal with this scenario or avoid it altogether.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy before divorce eliminates much of your debt. This simplifies property division and the divorce process, rather than dividing credit card debt and other liabilities. If your marital home is in foreclosure proceedings, you may decide to let it go and discharge the arrears or you may qualify to keep the house through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I can help you anticipate such issues and make good decisions about the type and timing of bankruptcy.

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Protect Your Interests And Plan For A Better Tomorrow

I have helped many clients deal with the “double whammy” of bankruptcy and divorce. My goal is to help you emerge from this stressful and humbling situation in the most favorable position. For a free and confidential consultation with a bankruptcy and divorce attorney, call me at 603-635-4149 or contact me online.

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