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Common reasons many divorced women need alimony

Like many women, even in these modern times, you may have sacrificed your time and career during your marriage to take care of the home and children while your husband worked. This arrangement worked out fine when you were married, but now that you are newly divorced, you may have discovered life is not as comfortable as it once was. In fact, you may have joined the ranks of countless other New Hampshire divorcees who wonder where to turn after spending their marriages as homemakers and being unable to compete in today’s job market.

This is the reason alimony was created – to help divorcees, the majority of them women, sustain the quality of life they enjoyed while married and to enable them to make ends meet while they look for work or update their job skills. There are numerous reasons you might need spousal support after your divorce:

  • You may have had a career before having children, then decided to stay home while raising them and pick up your career later – only to find your skills are now outdated.
  • You might have worked a minimum wage job to support your husband while he completed his degree. Whether you intended to get your education later or to keep up the home, things did not work out as planned.
  • You could already have an established career, but you do not earn as much as your ex-husband does. Your income contributed to a comfortable situation when you were married, but you do not make enough to support yourself and your children on your own.

TechShop filing for Chapter 7 and closing all stores

TechShop has announced that it is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will close all of its locations across the country immediately. The company filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, November 15, and the CEO sent a memo to all of its locations notifying them of the filing. There are 10 locations across the country that will close as well as a small corporate facility.

The company also has locations overseas, but the CEO noted in the memo that they will remain open because they are owned by licensees overseas and not in the United States.

What should I look for in a divorce attorney?

As you get ready to file for divorce in Nashua you need to find a divorce attorney who will meet all of your needs. It can be difficult for you to find the right attorney if you don't know exactly what it is you are looking for in your search. So, what should I look for in a divorce attorney?

One of the first things you should do when searching for a divorce attorney is ask for referrals. These should come from people you trust, including family members, close friends and colleagues. Try to speak with someone who has recently gone through a divorce so you know the attorney is up to date with all of the laws, rules and regulations of the courts.

3 ways that divorce can cause bankruptcy

It is difficult enough to watch your marriage fall apart, but it can be absolutely devastating when your finances are crumbling at the same time. According to Business Insider, divorce is the number one risk factor contributing to bankruptcy

If you are struggling to survive both emotionally and financially, you may need to think about filing for bankruptcy to deal with your money problems. Keep reading for more details on how divorce can cause bankruptcy.

Important tips for seniors looking to manage their debt

Debt is a difficult obstacle in anyone's life. It becomes even more difficult for seniors. When people reach their golden years, they want to spend time with grandchildren, travel and be able to worry less about money and bills than they did in their younger years. Here are some important tips for seniors looking to manage their debt in Nashua.

One of the first options for seniors with debt is to simply leave it alone. A lien can be placed against property, but the senior won't be kicked out of his or her home. The home will simply be sold upon their death in an effort to repay the creditors owed the debt. A good thing about this option is that if debt is left, upon your death it will simply be wiped away. It will not be left for family to handle.

How should exes communicate during a divorce?

Communication is sometimes a struggle in the most stable of marriages. Everybody communicates differently, and it is not always easy when you are looking for the right approach in talking to somebody else. Many couples end up separating and divorcing because of an inability to communicate constructively, but it is important that you learn this skill even while you are in the midst of a divorce. 

According to the Huffington Post, in fact, poor communication is often the top reason for separation among couples. Even if you have decided divorce is the best option, there are a few communication tips to keep in mind as you embark on the process. Consider the following three ideas. 

How a Chapter 7 bankruptcy works in New Hampshire

If it seems that your financial problems keep snowballing and the debt just keeps mounting, you may be considering a variety of options, including bankruptcy. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to debt, as solutions often depend on the situation you are in.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Hampshire can offer several benefits but can also have drawbacks for some. Discussing your situation with an attorney can give you clarity and steer you towards effective solutions.

Virtual visitation in child custody agreements

An excellent way to ensure that you get to see your children if you don't have physical custody of them is to use virtual visitation. This is a popular new method that courts are approving as part of child custody agreements. However, virtual visitation is not to be used to replace traditional visitation.

Virtual visitation is a great way for parents to see and chat with their children should they have busy work schedules, travel often or live across the country. This method of visitation also works for parents who work nights and cannot be there to put their children to bed or help with homework after school.

Bankruptcy plan for Perfumania approved

The bankruptcy plan for Perfumania Holdings Inc., a retailer that sells perfumes and fragrances, has been approved by the court. The announcement came earlier this week. The company made the announcement that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware approved the plan.

The bankruptcy plan, which the company termed is pre-packaged, will allow the company to repay creditors in full under the ordinary course of operations. Their creditors are vendors and suppliers. Aside from this announcement, the company did not issue any further comment about the bankruptcy plan.

How do I manage my debt as a senior?

Senior living should be fun, enjoyable, adventurous and stress-free. You've worked hard your whole adult life and now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. This can be incredibly difficult if you are dealing with debt. Whether it's credit card debt, loan debt or debt from medical bills, all of this debt can be overwhelming. So, how do I manage my debt as a senior?

If you are already thinking about bankruptcy, you should look into credit counseling. This will be a requirement you must fulfill prior to filing for bankruptcy, so why not get it out of the way now? Credit counseling can help you put together a budget you can actually stick to in New Hampshire.

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