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Protecting your rights with a strong parenting plan

Parents who choose divorce face the same difficult process of developing a parenting plan that meets the needs of their children while protecting their own rights. Far too often, one or both sides in a custody conflict may push for unfair terms in the custody agreement or parenting plan, so it is wise for any parent facing divorce to have a clear understanding of the issues at hand.

A strong parenting plan lays out expectations and boundaries that parents can use as they raise their child together. Unfortunately, not all parenting plans offer proper boundaries and protections, and may not even address the needs of the child. In order to provide your child with the best life that you can while protecting yourself against unfair behavior, you must understand the value of a well-built parenting plan.

New Hampshire retiree files for bankruptcy after bad real estate

It is difficult to think of bankruptcy when one is making the sort of financial plans that secure the present and the future for people and their families. Most people think their plans will work out, and there will never be any need for protection from creditors. But it does happen, although there should never be any shame in the need to start over with the help of bankruptcy.

Sometimes, it is not so easy to start over. A retiree from New Hampshire is one of several people who are facing financial problems after the failure of an investment property. The group invested more than $6 million in a proposed luxury event space in Indiana in order to take advantage of a tax break that allows capital gains in commercial real estate deals to be invested in another property that generates rent.

New Hampshire's budget may include student debt relief

Debt relief is a big deal in the 21st century. The recession that began ten years ago wiped out a lot of people's savings and took away some people's homes. A surge in private-sector activity in education and health care has brought more changes that seem to take money out of the pockets of ordinary New Hampshire residents.

Fortunately, several leaders across the state and the nation have taken notice, and their policies have taken aim. The governor's office in Concord is working to settle a deal with opposition politicians on the Granite State's biennial budget. One of the issues at stake is millions in debt relief and programs to manage debt.

Guiding you through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When individuals in New Hampshire and elsewhere are struggling with debt, their first thought might be that it isn't that big of a deal, as many people carry credit card debt. The problem with debt is that if it continues to go unaddressed, it can get out of control. When debt is unmanageable, it can seem like there is little to no hope of ever getting out of the hole. However, there are real debt relief options, with filing for bankruptcy being one of them.

Exploring your bankruptcy options may seem confusing and emotional. One may be discouraged because there is often stigma surrounding this process. But one should not be shameful about taking steps to get their finances in order. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Paul Petrillo understand that bankruptcy filings can be a sensitive matter, which is why we take the time to fully explain the process to our clients.

Tips to help when you decide to co-parent

Many parents are turning to the co-parenting method of sharing children after a divorce. Because this method of parenting is based on being able to work together, the co-parents should be able to negotiate a parenting plan. When done properly, this can set the stage for a good relationship between you and the other parent.

The children have to be put first in all matters. You can't base things on what is best for you or worst for your ex. Keeping this simple point in mind might make it easier to arrive at decisions as you and the other parent work as a team.

New developments in case that changed child protective services

Raising a child is a sacred and difficult responsibility. Parents often have a kinship with each other right away because they understand each other's hopes, fears and hard work. Anyone can become a parent, but it takes a special sort of person to become a good one.

The quality of parenting is often called into question when parents are divorcing. The act of separation leads to two or more possible paths for a child, and family courts in New Hampshire want to make sure that children have the best chance at safety and happiness. As a result, they may look at evidence of previous parenting behavior, and parents may present it.

Former spouse arrested in Concord after surprise family visit

Marriage is a serious undertaking, often referred to as the merging of love and contracts. Anyone who has been divorced can testify that marriages may be easier to enter than to exit. Although divorce has gotten easier and cheaper over the last few decades in New Hampshire and most of the United States, it is still difficult.

Divorce often involves legal documents and directives on how former spouses act towards each other, their children and other relatives or friends. Violations of these directives may be considered a serious offense, especially when they involve children.

It's time to review your summer child custody schedule

Taking an out-of-state vacation during the summer is a tradition for many families. Families across Nashua may be gearing up to visit their favorite amusement park, see relatives that live in other parts of the country, or visit popular natural landmarks. However, if a child's parents are divorced, they may need to take certain steps before hitting the road with their child.

First, it can help for parents to plan ahead by reviewing their current child custody order. This order may indicate when a parent can take the child on an out-of-state trip. It also may contain details on how much advance notice parents must give their ex regarding their vacation plans. There may also be conditions on how far away a parent can take a child and how long the vacation can last. Parents should also note when vacation plans deviate from their normal child custody and visitation schedules, so they can make appropriate arrangements.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy and your debts

Many people think that bankruptcy is like giving up. They think that if they turn to this solution, they're admitting that they failed. This couldn't be further from the reality. So many people need help at one time or another in their lives. Having to turn to bankruptcy for support is not unusual.

There are different kinds of bankruptcy. While many people think that all bankruptcies result in losing all you've worked hard to gain, the truth is that bankruptcy isn't designed to take away all your assets. Doing that would potentially put you in a worse financial position, and that's not the goal.

Special considerations for gray divorce in New Hampshire

Every divorce brings unique complications to the lives of the people involved, but divorces later in life tend to have consequences people don't anticipate. The closer you are to retirement age, the more likely a divorce is going to create financial strain.

Chances are also very good that you will need to revisit your estate plan and your last will, as well as your living will to adjust for your change in marital status. What are some of the most important considerations for those considering a gray divorce in New Hampshire?

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