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Planning for vacation in your child custody agreement

Child custody may seem simple on the surface, but there are layers to it and may different aspects to consider. Vacationing time is an important part of a child custody arrangement, but it may not immediately occur to some parents.

Creating a custody arrangement that accounts for vacation time can help you create a more cohesive family feeling. Beyond simply considering vacation time in a child custody plan, there are layers to vacation planning to consider in creating an arrangement, too. Time off, travel and holidays are all parts of vacation to think about when creating this plan.

Do you know the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

Even though there are many different types of debt, there are two main forms: secured debt and unsecured. Most of the debt you have will fall into one of these two categories. Each one of these will handle your debt in very different ways. Once you know these differences, it can greatly help when it is time borrow money, pay off debts or protect your assets. 

Grandparents take custody from parents when necessary

Child custody hearings can be difficult events, with separating parents sparring over their access and responsibilities to children who have little power over their fates. New Hampshire, however, is seeing an increase in a different kind of child custody case.

The destructive use of drugs, especially opioids and methamphetamine, has spread across the region and caused thousands of deaths among men and women who are parents. As some fall into an addiction that can be hazardous to children, other family members are often picking up the slack.

New Hampshire may use debt relief to counter an aging population

Debt is often part of the American experience for professionals and seniors. Students start their lives with costly educations, and many people begin their golden age with new medical expenses to resolve. When debt gets out of control, we often need help. Some in New Hampshire may be getting it before long.

Companies, municipal governments and even lawmakers in Concord may be considering new approaches to debt relief in an effort to lure young people to the state. With the Granite State featuring the second-oldest average population in the country, many are hoping skilled millennials would prefer to live free and preserve the tax base.

An overview of some Chapter 13 bankruptcy requirements

Many in New Hampshire at some point fall on hard times financially. They may lose their job forcing them to rely on credit cards for daily expenses. They may experience a serious illness that racks up hefty medical bills. Or, they may find that they have fallen behind on their mortgage obligations and when they try to sell their home to satisfy them, their home is worth less than what they still owe to the lender. These situations are not necessarily anyone's fault, but they could spell financial disaster to even the most fiscally responsible person.

Therefore, some people experiencing significant financial difficulties will decide to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is important to understand the various requirements that come with a Chapter 13 filing. That way, the person filing for bankruptcy can ensure they do not make any missteps along the way.

How can parents divorce easily in New Hampshire?

Divorce is one of the hardest and most stressful experiences through which a person can go. The biggest challenge in a divorce, however, is taking care of the children who have fewer options as their lives are turned upside down. Knowing the options can make things easier for the whole family.

  • Is it easier to get divorced if you agree with your spouse?

Since disputes are often the things that make divorces longer and more expensive, it is always easier when spouses agree on specifics. If both spouses agree to get divorced, they may save time and money with a joint divorce application even if they disagree on some details.

  • Is the process different for divorces with children?

Smart ways of handling a custody battle with a narcissist

For some married couples facing divorce, the narcissism of the other spouse is too much to handle. What might have initially attracted you in the beginning is now the very thing that repels you from him or her. Narcissism can be explained as an overabundance of self-interest, both physically and through external symbols of achievement.

Perhaps you were drawn to her beauty and how she prioritized her self-care practices. Maybe you considered his external gains as a manifestation of his power and importance. However, the lure of these traits may lead to a darker place after you get to know a person through the intimacy of marriage.

What's the best way to apply for bankruptcy?

The possibility of bankruptcy may bring undue anxiety, as well as several questions. A few tips on the types of bankruptcy can make it much easier to understand.

There are different types of bankruptcy that may apply to your situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates most assets belonging to a debtor. They are then are taken over by a trustee who sells them to settle creditors' debts. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows debtors to reorganize assets and liabilities to keep most of what's theirs. Chapter 12 is used exclusively by family-owned businesses, while Chapter 13 bankruptcies help people with steady incomes manage with their debts.

New Hampshire leads the nation in student debt

Students can come out of college with a lot of goals. Unfortunately, these days, they also tend to leave college with a lot of something else: student debt.

It is estimated that over 44 million Americans have such debt. The total amount of student debt in the nation is estimated to be around $1.5 trillion.

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