When unexpected health issues arise, medical expenses can accrue at an alarming rate. This is especially true for those who have no or little insurance. One operation can cost thousands of dollars, and more than one operation can raise your medical expenses to a category of unmanageable debt.

That is what happened to a mail carrier in Pennsylvania. One day she was healthy, and the next day she got the disturbing news that she had cancer and needed surgery. With seven surgeries in a year and a half, she was looking at over $1 million worth of debt.

That is when her customers decided to do what Americans are so good at. They jumped in to help a neighbor. Just as the woman found herself unable to pay her bills, let alone figure out what to do about the $1 million of medical debt, her customers began a collection for her. One customer is planning a benefit yard sale to help pay the woman’s medical bills.

The woman’s home is also in jeopardy. She has already sold a personal tractor she owned to stop a sheriff’s sale on the property. One good thing in the situation is the woman’s attitude. She remains upbeat and positive, which may be why her customers are stepping up to the plate to help her.

Medical debt can be overwhelming; however, people who find themselves with an unmanageable amount of medical debt and no possible way of ever paying it still have options. They do not have to let medical bills destroy their lives. New Hampshire bankruptcy attorneys have dealt with many such cases. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate medical debt completely, giving people a fresh start. Medical problems are enough to worry about, without adding financial stress into the mix.


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