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Be wary of Internet-based bankruptcy preparers

Imagine looking online for a solution to your overwhelming debt and finding a website for an organization that will prepare all of your bankruptcy filings for only a couple hundred dollars. You decide the deal can't be passed up, so you submit your information to the preparer and, shortly thereafter, get back everything you need to file for bankruptcy. After you file it with the courts, you wait for your debts to be discharged, but you are shocked to find that the preparer made some serious mistakes and your filings are going to be thrown out.

Unfortunately, these kinds of situations happen far too often. There are a number of individuals and companies on the Internet that purport to be experts on bankruptcy, but all they do is churn out applications by importing individuals' data on generalized forms without ever dealing with the complexities of each individual's unique circumstances. Many others don't take into account the differences in state bankruptcy rules, seriously disadvantaging applicants.

Anyone in Hampstead who is overwhelmed by debt and is considering bankruptcy knows just how intricate and confusing the bankruptcy process can be; that is why many people turn to others for help. It is important, however, to work with someone who has experience and the necessary background to advise on or file for bankruptcy, like a bankruptcy attorney. Relying on someone who is unqualified is taking a very real risk.

Many individuals looking for help with their bankruptcy filings have been duped by Internet preparers. And, when they realize something might be wrong, they are shocked to find there is no contact information available. It is the kind of delay and complication that someone filing for bankruptcy just can't afford to deal with.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, "Banned bankruptcy preparer stays ahead of law," Tim McGlone, Dec. 15, 2013

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