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April 2014 Archives

City shows how bankruptcy can lead to better financial outcomes

When most people think of bankruptcy, images of struggling families, foreclosures and small businesses closing down are conjured up. While this is sometimes the case, financial problems are more widespread than that. Even big companies and whole cities are not immune from overwhelming debt.

New Hampshire joins other states by expanding Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act is one of the foremost political topics currently in discussion around the country, especially in states like New Hampshire. While this act has made it easier for some people to receive health insurance, the monthly costs of health insurance premiums are still impossible for some workers to afford. As a result, New Hampshire is one of the many states that has expanded Medicaid coverage for low-wage workers.

Engaging retailer Brookstone to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When you think of Brookstone, you might think of the fun store where you could potentially fly a model helicopter while reclining in a leather chair. The company, based out of New Hampshire, is known for providing interesting products, many of which can be tried out in its stores. However, the retailer has recently struggled to turn enough profit to stay afloat. Now, Brookstone has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in order to resolve some of its debts.

When a stranger calls, the debt collection horror story begins

Several years ago, the horror movie “When a Stranger Calls” was released. Have you ever received a phone call or a letter from someone who says you owe them money for a debt, but you’ve never even heard of the company calling? That is likely because the original debt, if it even was your debt, has been sold to a company that buys debts for pennies on the dollar. The debt could have been credit card charges, medical debt or even student loans.

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