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Reviewing your medical financial assistance options

No one in Salem ever anticipates being stricken with a disease or suffering an accident. Yet as we here at The Law Office of Paul Petrillo can confirm, such incidents can, at a moment’s notice, alter yours and your family’s lives forever. Beyond the physical toll that medical problems can exact are also the financial concerns they force you to deal with. While such a prospect may seem remote right now, you could easily end up not being able to afford your medical bills. What are you to do then?

If you do not have health insurance (or even if you do yet require added assistance), the Official Guide to Government Information and Services lists the following resources that may be available to you:

  •          State Medicaid programs
  •          The Department of Veterans Affairs
  •          The Social Security Administration
  •          State Children’s Health Insurance Programs
  •          Social service agencies in your area
  •          Federal assistance sites such as, and

Several hospitals across the country often offer financial assistance or charity care programs. In many instances, these are designed to help line you up with available resources in your area. In others, the facility may be willing to write off a portion of your expenses based upon your current income and/or other financial obligations.

If you do not qualify for any form of financial assistance, you may still be able to convince your healthcare providers to set up a payment plan or offer a settlement amount to you. Meeting the demands of such an arrangement may be problematic, however, if your condition leaves you unable to work for an extended period of time. In such a case, bankruptcy may then become your next most viable option.

More information on the various methods of resolving medical debt can be found here on our site. 

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