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December 2016 Archives

Beware of social media posts when going through bankruptcy

It is important for everyone who is going through a bankruptcy to disclose everything during the process. There have been instances in which some people have gone to prison because they lied on the bankruptcy forms about their assets. Investigators for the bankruptcy court can use a variety of methods, including checking social media accounts.

Mother claims courts violating her parental rights

A mother in New Hampshire believes that the court system isn't doing its job to help protect her children. According to her claims, she had sole custody and parental rights over her children since 2012, but now the courts aren't allowing her to exercise her rights to protect her children from their father.

Determine if bankruptcy is an option to help you control debt

Not being able to pay your bills is a disheartening feeling. You might stay awake at night wondering what you can do to get your creditors taken care of. When things get to this point, you might consider bankruptcy. This is a tool for getting out of debt that is sometimes overlooked and misunderstood. We understand that you might not be sure where to turn for information. We are here to help you learn how bankruptcy can help you and how it might affect your future.

Buyer's remorse? Here's some tips for lowering spending habits

If the holiday spending habits you exhibited this year were less than stellar, you certainly aren't alone. There are some ways you can avoid this kind of holiday debt regret, though. Here are some tips to help you prevent a debt pile that keeps growing.

Creditors and others claim inside dealing in bankruptcy buyout

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a way that businesses in serious debt crisis can restructure finances, settle debts and often return to business intact. How a Chapter 11 filing shakes out depends heavily on numerous legal and financial factors, and every case is unique. Working with experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of business bankruptcy can make a big difference in how successful the outcome actually is.

Determine jurisdiction and move forward with your custody case

Before you can file child custody documents and request a trial in New Hampshire, you need to make sure the state has jurisdiction. The state needs to be your child's home state at the time of the custody proceeding or must have been the child's home within six months beforehand if he or she was removed by a parent claiming custody while the other parent stayed in the state.

What is the importance of Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is known as the wage earner's plan. This is because you can continue to work and bring in an income while you go through this kind of bankruptcy, and you're supposed to make payments on your debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to discharge some debts after making on-time payments for a specific period of time, usually between three and five years.

Medical debts are a leading cause of bankruptcy

Americans know all about debt. In fact, a fair portion of the country's political discourse revolves around it fairly continuously due to the national preference for credit. That preference is not necessarily a bad thing, and in a healthy economy, debt can even drive growth for a time. When wages stagnate and costs do not, though, debt creates problems because it becomes necessary for short-term functioning, even as it undermines your long-term resources. Health care debt is no exception; in fact, it might actually exemplify this because most people have very little control over the extent of the medical services they will need to remain healthy, so when costs add up, it is easy to wind up in a situation where your medical debt outstrips your income.

Dividing retirement benefits can be tricky but is possible

When you build a life with another person, that could include many retirement assets as you plan for your future. If you decide to a get a divorce, those assets are now up for division, which could be a major concern for both of you. It's already hard to deal with the divorce, but now having to worry about your future could be an additional stressor.

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