A mother in New Hampshire believes that the court system isn’t doing its job to help protect her children. According to her claims, she had sole custody and parental rights over her children since 2012, but now the courts aren’t allowing her to exercise her rights to protect her children from their father.

She claims that she and her ex-husband have been fighting over custody of their two children, an 8-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy, for close to a decade. They had a lengthy domestic violence history, yet the judge recently ordered the children to have an unsupervised visit with their father on Christmas Day.

She claims her ex-husband does not follow restraining orders, parenting plans or abide by any court orders, so she doesn’t understand why the courts allowed this visitation. She has noted that she has had many judges on her case, a rotation rate that could make it hard to get cohesive rulings.

The latest in her struggle was when she decided to move out of state. She legally does not need permission, but her ex-husband took her back to court. The court has not been supportive of her rights, she believes. Now, she’s been left asking herself if she should abide by the court orders she’s given or do what she knows will protect her children while being in contempt of court, a decision difficult for anyone.

If this situation is reminiscent of your own, you aren’t alone. The changing of judges can be difficult, but your attorney can help you organize your case and keep the facts straight.

Source: NH1.com, “Local mother claims NH court system isn’t helping her protect her children,” Jennifer Currier, Dec. 22, 2016