When a court orders you to pay alimony, you must pay, and you need to pay on time. If you choose to ignore the order, you can be accused of violating the court order and being in contempt of court. When that happens, you could face time in jail. If you feel that a modification of your child support amount is in order an attorney can help you petition the court.

A businessman known for producing signs with claims of corruption has been jailed for a short time due to an alimony dispute. According to the news from New Hampshire, the man is well-known from creating allegations against others, like politicians or judges, who he feels may be corrupt. He uses electronic billboards to display his messages. Somewhat ironically, the man was accused of not paying alimony to his ex-wife and was arrested.

On Nov. 15, a judge ordered his arrest due to contempt for non-payment. He was asked to pay $96,180 within 15 days of the order. If he did not pay in a timely manner, he could be arrested. The judge indicated that any bail he paid would be put toward his alimony responsibility.

It was indicated that the man was released shortly after his arrest. Interestingly, he was previously jailed in March 2016 for interrupting court proceedings during the divorce. Court documents have shown that the man owes $10,000 monthly for alimony. His ex-wife claims that her ex-husband has been spending money on a campaign for the governor, though he disputes this claim and says the images have been altered. In any regard, he was not following through on the court order as required by law.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader, “Businessman known for signs with corruption claims jailed briefly over alimony dispute,” Jason Schreiber, Jan. 28, 2017