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February 2017 Archives

3 financial matters often overlooked in divorce

Divorce may be the end of the marriage, but the settlement and division of property you and your soon to be ex agree upon will last a lifetime. Disputes are common when it comes to real estate, businesses, investments and child support. However, finances are complex and often change with time.

Here's what you should know about Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When you need to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it's likely that you think you have no other options. Perhaps your debts are overwhelming or you want to save your home from foreclosure. There are many other options other than bankruptcy, but if those options have been exhausted, it may be time to consider it. Whatever the reason, it's possible to liquidate some of your assets to get a better financial start.

How can you get rid of student loan debts?

Student loans are some of the hardest to work with. They usually can't be discharged in bankruptcy without significant hardship, and they may even be difficult to consolidate, depending on the type of loans you have. So, how can you pay them down or get rid of them completely? There are a few options.

Credit card debt might be manageable, but options exist

If you are facing massive amounts of debt, you might be able to use the battle going on between the credit card companies to better your own situation. Taking advantage of offers that are available and using them in a way that helps you get out of debt might be possible.

You have options to deal with support orders in your divorce

Every point in a divorce settlement is important. Whether you and your ex work out the agreement or if the court orders it, you should make sure that you understand each point. You also have to make sure that you follow the orders exactly as they are written.

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