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April 2017 Archives

Stop wage garnishment with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Wage garnishment is an unfortunate situation for quite a few people. This process happens when a court order is submitted to your employer instructing them to remove money from your paychecks. This is done in various situations, including spousal support, child support and repaying of debts to creditors. You can stop wage garnishment immediately by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Hampshire.

How should you communicate with your spouse during a divorce?

No divorce is exactly the same as another. Even if circumstances are similar, the details can make a world of difference. For instance, take a contested divorce in which one spouse used threatening language on the phone. Getting a restraining order might be more difficult because there is no record of the conversation. On the other hand, if the spouse had used text message, there would be a clear, written record of the language.

How to prepare a parenting plan

Parenting is not easy, especially when there is talk of divorce or separation. When these topics come up, the discussion of child custody is not far behind. Because of this, parents will want to know when they will be able to see their children. Here are some tips for preparing a parenting plan in New Hampshire.

Debt relief and how it affects your credit score in New Hampshire

A multitude of people seek debt relief each year for various reasons. Whether you have accrued debt due to poor credit management, too much spending or ill-advised purchases, you can get relief from that debt through bankruptcy and other options. But, debt relief does have an impact on your credit score in New Hampshire.

What are the most common reasons people file for bankruptcy?

If you are overwhelmed and drowning in debt you cannot pay, harassed by creditors and facing a life of financial prison, you may consider bankruptcy as a viable alternative. Americans do not end up in trouble financially simply from overspending alone. There are many reasons that an individual or family may deal with crippling debt. Bankruptcy offers a fresh start to a positive financial future and may work for you if you are dealing with any of these situations.

You can reduce and pay off debts as a young adult

As a young adult, you know you need to build up your credit. You need to buy a car, and you want to be able to go to school. Certain things require you to take on debt, but that doesn't mean you have to be in debt forever or that you need to be overwhelmed by what you do have.

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