Parenting is not easy, especially when there is talk of divorce or separation. When these topics come up, the discussion of child custody is not far behind. Because of this, parents will want to know when they will be able to see their children. Here are some tips for preparing a parenting plan in New Hampshire.

There are a lot of items that should be included in a parenting plan and all of them bear the same weight. One of the first items you need to include is the parenting schedule. This will outline the days and times each parent will have custody of their children. This must include the daily living schedule, vacations and holidays.

The plan should also define which parent has legal custody of the child. Legal custody allows one parent to make decisions for the child regarding health care, education, religious upbringing and more.

A parenting plan should also include information about exchanges. This is when the parents exchange the children when their time with them is complete. This section should detail when and where exchanges are to take place and if the person bringing the children will be someone other than a parent.

Education is another important section that must be included in a parenting plan. It should detail where the children will attend school, how the school will be chosen and who will pay for education expenses.

Childcare for after school hours should also be outlined. This section should include where the child care will occur, who will pay for child care and which parent will pick up or drop off the children.

The plan can also include how much vacation time each parent has with the children per year. It can also have provisions in it regarding relocation with the children and how this is to occur for one, or both, of the parents.

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