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What are common signs of divorce?

Even the most loving, caring couples come to the realization that their marriage might be on the rocks. It's never an easy realization to come to, but when it happens, it might relieve stress and change emotions. So, what are common signs of divorce?

A common sign that divorce could be in your future is that you constantly argue about having kids. Many couples get married knowing or thinking their spouse wants to have children once they are settled in their new life. This can change, for various reasons, once married. Having children can be a deal breaker in a marriage.

When one or both spouses stops putting in the work required to make a good marriage, it could be a sign that you are headed for divorce. There needs to be an equal effort from both spouses for a marriage to work. When this doesn't happen, something needs to change in order to save the marriage.

Couples that begin spending less time together will notice that their marriage is struggling. Even if you are in the same room, but fail to interact because of TV or mobile phones, you are still spending less time together. This can be a big harbinger of things to come for your marriage.

When there is a lack of respect by either spouse for the other, or both, this is a sign you could be headed for divorce. Respect is an important part of any relationship, especially a marriage. Lack of respect usually comes in the form of criticisms about housework and other issues on the table.

The final common sign that a marriage could be headed for divorce is that the intimacy is no longer present. This includes both the physical act of sex and emotional intimacy.

Are you headed for divorce in New Hampshire? An experienced divorce attorney in Nashua can help you prepare, file and guide you through the process from start to finish so you always have someone by your side.

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