Couples headed for marriage in New Hampshire need to learn how to communicate as effectively as possible. Those that don’t usually find themselves in the offices of a divorce attorney. Here are some important discussions you should have with your future spouse prior to saying “I do.”

Many people enter into marriage with the hope that it will change their future spouse in one way or another. You should absolutely have such a discussion prior to marriage. Tell the other person what it is you would change about them. Get it all out in the open now to avoid disappointment later.

You should talk about money prior to getting married. Figure out which person will work. Will someone stay home? How will you manage money as a couple? Don’t enter into marriage with an approach of “we will deal with it when it happens,” especially when you are talking about the finances.

Sex is another important discussion to have prior to a marriage. Tell your partner what your expectations are for sex in the marriage. Listen to their expectations. You might find that the two of you are very different people when it comes to sex. Figure out all of this now in an effort to avoid infidelity later.

Many couples enter marriage without knowing where the other person stands on having children. This is a difficult topic for married couples that eventually leads to divorce.

Discuss with your future spouse how family traditions will be handled once you are married. There are two families blending into one. There will need to be sacrifices made somewhere along the line.

If you no longer want to work towards fixing your marriage, it’s time to meet with a divorce attorney in Nashua to discuss your intentions.

Source: HuffPost, “10 Big, Divorce-Proofing Talks To Have Before Getting Married,” Brittany Wong, July 19, 2017