Marriage is a joyous part of anybody’s life. As you join your new spouse, a range of exciting opportunities and the promise of a bright future welcome you. There are many costs you are also likely to face, though. Weddings are expensive, you may be buying your first home together and a registry cannot cover all of the expenses of furnishing the new household you now share.

There are a few reasons why, unfortunately for many couples, the rapid accumulation of debt interrupts wedded bliss. According to U.S. News & World Report, in addition to the debt newlyweds may gain, they often enter marriages already facing tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Use these tips to avoid such a fate.

Consider a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are one way to manage the debt that you and your spouse bring to a marriage. It can prevent either from being liable for the other’s debt, and it can also specify how to handle joint debts. This can be a great solution for eliminating any ambiguity surrounding how you and your spouse will handle separate and shared financial responsibilities.

Create a budget

Budgeting is the key to avoiding the accumulation of debt that you eventually cannot pay. Set a monthly plan for how much you and your spouse will spend on rent or a mortgage, groceries, utilities, entertainment, and other expenses. It is an added bonus if you can add some savings into this budget, too. Stick to this plan no matter what, and you will financially benefit. 

Do not overspend

It can be extremely tempting to live above your means following your wedding. If you go on a luxurious honeymoon or throw a lavish reception, you might overlook the fact that these expenditures are well above what you can realistically afford. Learning to spend modestly is a habit that you should foster from the start of your marriage.