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September 2017 Archives

Finding hidden assets in divorce

As you begin to tread the waters of divorce, it's quite possible that not all of your money or assets will be eligible for division during negotiations. Why? There's always the possibility that your soon-to-be former spouse is hiding assets one way or another in order to prevent you from getting them in full or in part. Here's how to find hidden assets in divorce.

How does bankruptcy affect child support in New Hampshire?

Between legal fees, a new place and child support, divorce has already hurt your bank account. Whether you were already in a bad place before, have not recovered from the divorce costs or have experienced a financial disaster, bankruptcy may now be in your future.

Helpful tips to prevent foreclosure

Missing more than three mortgage payments can put you in a precarious situation. You will likely hear from your mortgage company and it won't be a pleasant conversation. A Notice of Default (NOD) will likely be sent to you, letting you know that foreclosure is on the horizon. If you've defaulted on your mortgage, here's how you can prevent foreclosure in New Hampshire.

Sharing child custody supported by new research

The old adage is that a child receives the most support when in a two-parent situation. That adage seems to be true even when it comes to child custody arrangements. As difficult as child custody can be, some new research shows that sharing child custody is the best option for all parties involved.

What is unsecured debt?

No one ever said life would be easy. In fact, it only gets harder as you get older. One thing that makes life so difficult to live is when debt accrues. Debt is commonly accrued when buying a car, a home or going to school. It can also be accrued through unpaid medical bills, unpaid utility bills and through the use of credit cards.

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