As you begin to tread the waters of divorce, it’s quite possible that not all of your money or assets will be eligible for division during negotiations. Why? There’s always the possibility that your soon-to-be former spouse is hiding assets one way or another in order to prevent you from getting them in full or in part. Here’s how to find hidden assets in divorce.

It’s a good idea to begin your search on the internet. Many spouses will do their best to get rid of any paper trail but might forget the type of footprint they are leaving online. Perform a public records search to find any aliases, employees, associates or relatives you might not know about. You could come across big ticket purchases in their name.

You can also do a search of your marital home. Check all cabinets inside and out, drawers, filing cabinets, buckets and more. You never know if your spouse is hiding money or other documents throughout the house.

Monitor joint bank accounts closely for unnecessary withdrawals or transfers. For example, if you notice money being transferred to a friend of your spouse, it’s likely he or she is trying to hide the money until the divorce is finalized.

Has your spouse’s spending habits changed? Does he or she come home with high-end items (collectibles, artwork, cars, boats) or too much of one thing? It’s quite possible he or she is doing this on purpose as the divorce moves along so he or she can cash the items in afterwards.

Do you believe that assets are being hidden from you in a Nashua divorce? If so, speak with an experienced divorce attorney to learn how you can find those assets.

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