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October 2017 Archives

How should exes communicate during a divorce?

Communication is sometimes a struggle in the most stable of marriages. Everybody communicates differently, and it is not always easy when you are looking for the right approach in talking to somebody else. Many couples end up separating and divorcing because of an inability to communicate constructively, but it is important that you learn this skill even while you are in the midst of a divorce. 

Virtual visitation in child custody agreements

An excellent way to ensure that you get to see your children if you don't have physical custody of them is to use virtual visitation. This is a popular new method that courts are approving as part of child custody agreements. However, virtual visitation is not to be used to replace traditional visitation.

Bankruptcy plan for Perfumania approved

The bankruptcy plan for Perfumania Holdings Inc., a retailer that sells perfumes and fragrances, has been approved by the court. The announcement came earlier this week. The company made the announcement that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware approved the plan.

How do I manage my debt as a senior?

Senior living should be fun, enjoyable, adventurous and stress-free. You've worked hard your whole adult life and now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. This can be incredibly difficult if you are dealing with debt. Whether it's credit card debt, loan debt or debt from medical bills, all of this debt can be overwhelming. So, how do I manage my debt as a senior?

Modifying child support in New Hampshire

Whether you find yourself on the giving or receiving end, a time may come when you want to change the amount specified in your child support order. Maybe you now have more child-related expenses than you once did, or perhaps you no longer earn the salary you did when the order went into effect, making it difficult for you pay the determined amount comfortably.

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