Communication is sometimes a struggle in the most stable of marriages. Everybody communicates differently, and it is not always easy when you are looking for the right approach in talking to somebody else. Many couples end up separating and divorcing because of an inability to communicate constructively, but it is important that you learn this skill even while you are in the midst of a divorce. 

According to the Huffington Post, in fact, poor communication is often the top reason for separation among couples. Even if you have decided divorce is the best option, there are a few communication tips to keep in mind as you embark on the process. Consider the following three ideas. 

Through texting

Many people struggle with communicating face-to-face, and it is no wonder why. When you are looking at somebody, you are susceptible to emotional reactions that are a bit more removed when the discussion does not take place in person. This is one reason it may be advisable to communicate via text message. Another reason is the fact that texting creates documentation that could be useful in your case.

Via email messages

If you suspect you should be documenting your communications with your ex, email messages are also an effective way to do so, and they provide more space than texting. This allows for more of a dialogue than simply texting back and forth may be able to. Email may also be ideal for coordinating schedules, exchanging information and discussing plans for the future.

Clearly and respectfully

It is important to consider the method of communication you employ in talking to your ex, but it is even more important to choose the tone and approach you use. You should always communicate with your ex–no matter how contentious things may be–with a respectful and courteous tone. This way will save you lots of trouble and help to minimize the stress both of you endure throughout the divorce.