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Virtual visitation in child custody agreements

An excellent way to ensure that you get to see your children if you don't have physical custody of them is to use virtual visitation. This is a popular new method that courts are approving as part of child custody agreements. However, virtual visitation is not to be used to replace traditional visitation.

Virtual visitation is a great way for parents to see and chat with their children should they have busy work schedules, travel often or live across the country. This method of visitation also works for parents who work nights and cannot be there to put their children to bed or help with homework after school.

Virtual visitation can take many different forms. You can speak with or see your child in a variety of different ways using today's technology. You can text, video chat, use a messenger service, send emails and much more when you take part in virtual visitation with your child.

You will be able to read your child a bedtime story. You will be able to see your child's smile with the gap between teeth. You will be able to answer homework questions or provide advice on a project.

The bottom line is that virtual visitation is a great addition to a traditional child custody agreement. Make sure that it is used in tandem with in-person visitation and not as a replacement.

Are you stuck in a child custody battle with the other parent of your child? Visit our site to learn more about virtual visitation and how a family law attorney can help you create a child custody agreement in New Hampshire.

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