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November 2017 Archives

Asset liquidation options for Nashua businesses

Running a business takes quite a bit of energy, time and dedication. No matter how much time and effort you put into a company it can still struggle to the point where bankruptcy is necessary. When your business runs into cash flow issues you have options to help recover from a difficult financial situation. Today, we will discuss the asset liquidation options available for Nashua businesses.

Common reasons many divorced women need alimony

Like many women, even in these modern times, you may have sacrificed your time and career during your marriage to take care of the home and children while your husband worked. This arrangement worked out fine when you were married, but now that you are newly divorced, you may have discovered life is not as comfortable as it once was. In fact, you may have joined the ranks of countless other New Hampshire divorcees who wonder where to turn after spending their marriages as homemakers and being unable to compete in today's job market.

TechShop filing for Chapter 7 and closing all stores

TechShop has announced that it is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will close all of its locations across the country immediately. The company filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, November 15, and the CEO sent a memo to all of its locations notifying them of the filing. There are 10 locations across the country that will close as well as a small corporate facility.

What should I look for in a divorce attorney?

As you get ready to file for divorce in Nashua you need to find a divorce attorney who will meet all of your needs. It can be difficult for you to find the right attorney if you don't know exactly what it is you are looking for in your search. So, what should I look for in a divorce attorney?

Important tips for seniors looking to manage their debt

Debt is a difficult obstacle in anyone's life. It becomes even more difficult for seniors. When people reach their golden years, they want to spend time with grandchildren, travel and be able to worry less about money and bills than they did in their younger years. Here are some important tips for seniors looking to manage their debt in Nashua.

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