Like many women, even in these modern times, you may have sacrificed your time and career during your marriage to take care of the home and children while your husband worked. This arrangement worked out fine when you were married, but now that you are newly divorced, you may have discovered life is not as comfortable as it once was. In fact, you may have joined the ranks of countless other New Hampshire divorcees who wonder where to turn after spending their marriages as homemakers and being unable to compete in today’s job market.

This is the reason alimony was created – to help divorcees, the majority of them women, sustain the quality of life they enjoyed while married and to enable them to make ends meet while they look for work or update their job skills. There are numerous reasons you might need spousal support after your divorce:

  • You may have had a career before having children, then decided to stay home while raising them and pick up your career later – only to find your skills are now outdated.
  • You might have worked a minimum wage job to support your husband while he completed his degree. Whether you intended to get your education later or to keep up the home, things did not work out as planned.
  • You could already have an established career, but you do not earn as much as your ex-husband does. Your income contributed to a comfortable situation when you were married, but you do not make enough to support yourself and your children on your own.

Depending on your situation and how long you were married, you might receive spousal support for life, for a certain period of time or in a lump sum. When financial life is difficult after a divorce, it may not hurt to look into options that make it possible to pay your bills and to move on to a better life.