Going through a child custody battle is never easy, even if both parents can agree on who will have custody. Even hearings that end in joint child custody being issued can sometimes be contested and filled with anger or resentment. Parents and children involved in joint custody arrangements can make the entire situation better by following the tips outlined in today’s post.

Parents must remember that they are not the focus of the child custody arrangement; the children are the focus. The adults were the focus of the divorce, if there was one, and that is now complete. Give the children attention. Let them know that you and their other parent are in this together even though you no longer live together.

You should never speak poorly of your former spouse, especially in front of your child. Doing so will only influence them negatively and could harm their relationship with their other parent.

Be sure to choose an arrangement that makes the most of your children’s schedules, activities and education. You want to make it as easy on them as possible to still attend everything they were involved in prior to the custody case.

You and your former spouse must find a way to communicate effectively. If this is not in person but through email, then so be it. An effective form of communication is key to making joint custody successful for all involved.

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