It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are instances when a child custody case will head to trial. This most often occurs when the two sides simply cannot reach an agreement using their own negotiation techniques or even mediation. When the case reaches court the final decision will be rendered by the family law judge presiding over the case. Here are some common mistakes made in these cases.

You should never disobey a court order when it comes to child custody. The same goes for any other type of court order as well. Follow all court orders issued by the judge, even if you don’t agree with them or feel that they will be dissolved once the trial gets moving.

Do not withhold visitation from the child’s other parent when in the midst of a child custody case. This will only reflect poorly on you and your case even if you are painting a picture of inappropriate behavior or some other issue by the other parent.

Avoid social media as much as possible during the child custody case. You can easily make a post in poor judgment that can come back to haunt you.

When making appearances in front of a judge, you should always be dressed appropriately, prepared and avoid arguing with the child’s other parent. Arguing with the other parent in front of the judge will get you nowhere.

Are you worried that something will go wrong during your child custody case in Nashua, New Hampshire? It’s best to be as prepared as possible. This can be done by reading about the mistakes in this post and ensuring that you do not commit them during the trial.