Social media may be a huge aspect of your life, especially when it comes to connecting with family and friends. You may use your social media accounts to share everything from personal accomplishments to funny pictures. While the internet can be beneficial to your life, it can do some serious damage if you do not use it properly, particularly while you are divorcing.

You may be wondering how exactly posting on social media could worsen your divorce. Here are some costly mistakes you should avoid when you get online during divorce.

1. Sharing too much

While it is important to talk to trustworthy people, such as close friends, family members, therapists or your attorney, you should refrain from oversharing on social media. Whatever you post on online will live there forever, so make sure you do not upload anything you will regret. Not only could this affect your divorce proceedings, but it may even affect other relationships or future opportunities. 

2. Bad-mouthing your ex

If you use social media as part of your support system, make sure you are careful about talking trash about your soon-to-be former spouse. Saying mean things online will only create more unnecessary tension, leading to more contentious battles and a longer divorce. 

3. Posting incriminating content

As your marriage ends, you may want to show your network of friends how much you are enjoying your single life at the club or your newest retail-therapy purchase. However, before you post things like this, consider how they may impact your custody arrangement or property division settlement. Your ex may use what you post on social media as evidence against you.

Your social media apps may be a blessing and a curse as you end your marriage. Do not let them contribute to the toxicity that already exists in your life. Be mindful of your social media use and your divorce will be easier.