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May 2018 Archives

4 signs that bankruptcy is on the horizon

Bankruptcy is simply a legal process through which you take care of your outstanding debt. The court system understands that financial plans do not always work out. You take out a loan and then lose your job. You lose assets in a divorce. You get hurt and face overwhelming medical debt. It happens. Bankruptcy offers one potential solution.

The huge impact of excessive debt

Excessive debt can impact your life in many ways, some of which you may be well aware of when you first take on that debt. Interest rates increase what you owe, monthly payments have to fit into your budget and failing to pay off your debt causes your credit score to drop.

3 things to consider when telling your kids about your divorce

Divorce is a hard topic for people to discuss when they are getting ready for or are in the midst of the process. It is even more challenging to figure out how to break the news to your kids. The longer you wait to say something about the divorce in Nashua, the harder it will be for them to accept and adapt. 

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