Owning your home is a source of pride. The feeling of purchasing it and living in it every day is rewarding. Unfortunately, home ownership is not always a cakewalk. Sometimes, you run into financial difficulties that cause you to be at risk of foreclosure.

It can be hard to spot the warning signs that lead to foreclosure. Here are some red flags that you may be at risk of losing your home.

1. Missing payments

If you are missing mortgage payments, this is the biggest warning sign you have a problem on your hands. Missing other monthly payments may be a clue that you are heading down a treacherous path, too. If you are having a hard time keeping up with any of your bills, such as credit card payments, auto loans or student loans, you should be aware that foreclosure may be on the horizon.

2. Dealing with an income reduction or medical emergency

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs and you are unable to mitigate the damage. According to Freddie Mac, losing your job or facing a major illness may lead you down the path to foreclosure. A significant life change or financial difficulty may cause you to struggle with your mortgage.

3. Using credit cards or savings for basic expenses

You should only use your credit card and savings account for emergencies–or luxuries if you are in a financially stable situation. If you find yourself maxing out your cards or draining your savings simply to make ends meet, that is not a good sign. Dipping into your savings and credit cards to cover things for a basic living such as gas, food or clothing may be a sign you could lose your home.

These are some of the three most clear signals you may face foreclosure soon. If your fear you will lose your home, you may be able to save it by filing for bankruptcy.