Divorce does not always come after something dramatic, such as a domestic violence incident or adultery. In many cases, it is the little things that make all the difference. In fact, some experts note that one of the leading causes of divorce is simply poor communication between married couples.

One survey said that communication problems actually led to divorce more often than anything else — at 65 percent. The next most-cited reason was an inability to resolve the various conflicts within the marriage, with a total of 43 percent.

Of course, these could be connected. If two people are unable to communicate, it could mean that they are far less likely to work through their conflicts.

One part of the issue is that men and women do not see communication — or the problems with it — in the same light. For instance, the main thing that women said was wrong with their communication with their spouses was that the other person rarely — or never — paid attention to their feelings and emotions. They never felt validated. Men, on the other hand, most often said that they felt like their spouses were constantly complaining and nagging them.

Certainly, these are not new problems, but they are something it is clear couples have to take seriously. Little issues can build up over time and may lead to the end of the marriage.

If this happens to you, you are not alone. Make sure you know all of the legal rights that you have during the divorce process so that things go smoothly.