After a divorce, communicating with your ex gets a bit harder. If you did not get along towards the end of your marriage, you know how hard talking about the kids was then. Once you do not live under the same roof and see each other every day, it gets even more complicated.

This can be problematic. Children need support from both parents. Likewise, both parents should be aware of things like how the kids are doing in school, what their after-school schedules look like, when they have key doctor’s appointments and much more.

One approach that may help is to search out different types of technology that can make communication easier for the two of you. For instance, using text messages may be easier than calling each other because you can each simply respond when you have a free moment. This can also reduce conflict if you tend to argue on the phone.

Another option is to use an online calendar that you both have access to. Then you can both use it to check on things like field trips, homework assignments, tests, parent-teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments and sporting events. You do not have to talk to each other to easily exchange this information and make sure that both of you are in the loop.

As you work on creating a child custody agreement and a parenting plan that fits your family, be sure you know what legal rights you have so that and your New Hampshire family law attorney can seek the arrangement that is best for your family.