Divorce is one of the hardest and most stressful experiences through which a person can go. The biggest challenge in a divorce, however, is taking care of the children who have fewer options as their lives are turned upside down. Knowing the options can make things easier for the whole family.

  • Is it easier to get divorced if you agree with your spouse?

Since disputes are often the things that make divorces longer and more expensive, it is always easier when spouses agree on specifics. If both spouses agree to get divorced, they may save time and money with a joint divorce application even if they disagree on some details.

  • Is the process different for divorces with children?

New Hampshire has different requirements for divorces if a couple has produced or legally adopted children. Since the welfare of children are a separate and important issue from the end of a legal relationship, there are extra needs from divorcing parents.

  • What are the extra needs for divorces with children?

New Hampshire requires divorcing parents to go through a child impact seminar, which evaluates the impact of the decision to get a divorce on children of the marriage. Documentation for parenting plans, custody arrangements and child support guidelines are also required by the court.

  • Is a lawyer required for a divorce?

People may represent themselves under law, but divorces generally go easier when each spouse has an attorney to represent his or her interests. Legal representation for divorcing spouses can cover more of the requirements on the first pass, reducing the need to redo work and get into disputes.