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October 2018 Archives

Bankruptcies are down but memories of hard times linger

Bankruptcy is a difficult possibility to face. Many years of work and investment must have gone awry for a person to have a high enough level of debt to consider it. But bankruptcy can easily happen to conscientious people with a modest living, and it can happen due to circumstances out of their control.

Co-parenting after divorce? There are apps for that

Parenting under the same roof with your spouse can easily a be harrowing experience with schedules, school, work and play times. When you are divorced and both parents are living at separate residences, it can be even more chaotic. If you are experiencing life away from your children because of divorce but need to stay updated constantly about soccer practice, pick-up times and school conferences, you may want to add some apps to your phone. 

A general overview of New Hampshire alimony laws

The end of a marriage can be difficult on a person, emotionally and financially. This may be especially true if one spouse earned much more than the other spouse while the couple was married, or if one spouse stayed out of the workforce entirely while married to care for the household. For this reason, the lesser-earning spouse may want to seek alimony (also called spousal support) from the greater-earning spouse as part of the final divorce decree. It is important, then, for residents to have a basic understanding of alimony laws in their state.

Do you know the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

Even though there are many different types of debt, there are two main forms: secured debt and unsecured. Most of the debt you have will fall into one of these two categories. Each one of these will handle your debt in very different ways. Once you know these differences, it can greatly help when it is time borrow money, pay off debts or protect your assets. 

Grandparents take custody from parents when necessary

Child custody hearings can be difficult events, with separating parents sparring over their access and responsibilities to children who have little power over their fates. New Hampshire, however, is seeing an increase in a different kind of child custody case.

New Hampshire may use debt relief to counter an aging population

Debt is often part of the American experience for professionals and seniors. Students start their lives with costly educations, and many people begin their golden age with new medical expenses to resolve. When debt gets out of control, we often need help. Some in New Hampshire may be getting it before long.

An overview of some Chapter 13 bankruptcy requirements

Many in New Hampshire at some point fall on hard times financially. They may lose their job forcing them to rely on credit cards for daily expenses. They may experience a serious illness that racks up hefty medical bills. Or, they may find that they have fallen behind on their mortgage obligations and when they try to sell their home to satisfy them, their home is worth less than what they still owe to the lender. These situations are not necessarily anyone's fault, but they could spell financial disaster to even the most fiscally responsible person.

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