Parenting under the same roof with your spouse can easily a be harrowing experience with schedules, school, work and play times. When you are divorced and both parents are living at separate residences, it can be even more chaotic. If you are experiencing life away from your children because of divorce but need to stay updated constantly about soccer practice, pick-up times and school conferences, you may want to add some apps to your phone. 

If you are not currently using online tools to help with your co-parenting, the time and effort that will be saved may surprise you. Here are apps that can assist you with your co-parenting duties.

Coparently – This app provides communication tools that can help co-parents with scheduling issues, shared expenses, contact info and overall communication. There is a yearly fee of $99 for each parent to use the app and a per month charge of around $10. There is a free trial and the app also allows your kids have an account to get in on the conversation.

Our family wizard – Another app specifically designed for co-parenting. The app allows both parents to manage all the details that they need to know all in one place. Calendars can be color coded for each parent and there is a space for documents like immunizations records or report cards. The cost is $99 a year for each parent.

Cozi – This app specializes in keeping you organized. You can set up a family calendar with reminders, to-do lists, meal planning and you can even keep a journal to track milestones. The app is free but there is an ad-free version for a fee.

Google Calendar – The popularity and ease of use with this calendar makes it convenient to coordinate schedules. Both parents can edit the calendar and you can set-up regular events or visitation schedules that repeat. This app is free.

Talking parents – This app is designed to record conversations between you and the other parent and the content of those discussions can be used in court. The app is free to use but there is a fee if you want to download any of the conversations.

Co-parenting at a distance is not easy and can only be made more frustrating when something is missed between you and your ex-spouse. Technology may be intimidating to some, but if you are comfortable using apps, they can improve communication and possibly make co-parenting duties a little simpler.