Debt is often part of the American experience for professionals and seniors. Students start their lives with costly educations, and many people begin their golden age with new medical expenses to resolve. When debt gets out of control, we often need help. Some in New Hampshire may be getting it before long.

Companies, municipal governments and even lawmakers in Concord may be considering new approaches to debt relief in an effort to lure young people to the state. With the Granite State featuring the second-oldest average population in the country, many are hoping skilled millennials would prefer to live free and preserve the tax base.

Many young people who hailed from New Hampshire are leaving in part because of student debt. The state has the highest student debt per capita with fewer professional options for college graduates. The pattern will most likely continue or worsen without the right interventions.

Elderly citizens and people struggling with student loans are often targets for debt relief schemes. Services will often advertise loan consolidation, debt elimination and other results they cannot hope to accomplish for their clients. Stopping short of outright fraud, some banks and financial services will charge more to consolidate loans or settle debts with creditors than it would cost to solve these problems on one’s own.

Whether you are looking to stop harassment by creditors or considering bankruptcy to settle debts, an attorney can help you get it done right. Debt relief comes in many forms, and legal representation is an advisable part of the process for most of them.