If you are headed towards the end of a marriage, it is easy to look on the bad side of things. It is hard to see during the process, but divorce can create a lot of space and opportunities for former spouses. It is easier to get to that peaceful and constructive space if a divorce is done consciously and carefully.

How can we avoid a contentious court process for divorce?

Many individuals in failing marriages feel more comfortable with an adversarial process, but mediation can create the same agreements at lower costs and with less emotional pain. People may still have their own legal representation in mediation, and a court case is always an option is mediation doesn’t work.

What do I do with the emotional side of divorce?

Bad feelings are common and sometimes inevitable during a separation, but it is always a good idea to work it out in a reserved manner. Counselors and psychologists may be a better choice than friends and family, who may feel pressure to choose sides or remember contentious times long after a divorce. It is never a good idea to lose one’s temper with social media.

How can a lawyer help if I’m considering divorce?

An attorney can give a spouse more specific advice on how to end a marriage without leaving assets on the table or ruining either person’s financial health. Legal representation also helps people maintain perspective on how to best weather the process and notice the context of the decisions that make a divorce a fresh start instead of unnecessary pain.