Parenting, according to some, is the hardest job a person will ever love. This adage captures the joys and frustrations that come along with a child in a person’s care. Given the importance of a safe and healthy upbringing, it is no surprise how far some parents would go to secure legal custody of a child.

One of the most important factors in child custody hearings and decisions is the immediate safety of the child in question. If a parent or guardian has a history of endangering people’s safety, that may be used as evidence if another potential custodian is seeking full or primary custody.

A 25-year-old mother is currently charged with attempted murder and other charges after allegedly injuring her 3-week-old son. The boy presented with fractured ribs and a fractured skull, as well as a wounded mouth when he was rushed to a hospital. The boy remains in guarded condition weeks after the recorded assault.

The prosecutor in the case pointed out the mother’s apparent history of alcoholism, including a New Hampshire drunk driving arrest, while illustrating the behavioral patterns that may have led to child endangerment. Her visits to her hospitalized son are now under the supervision of the Department of Child and Family Services.

Parents seeking custody for the good and health of the child may require legal representation to increase their chances of claiming full custody or another arrangement that protects children. An attorney can help represent a parent’s interests in court filings, custody hearings and other legal proceedings related to divorce, asset division and child custody.