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How has alimony changed in New Hampshire in the new year?

Alimony can be an important tool for making divorces fair when the spouses are on unequal financial footing. It helps people move on into a new life without financial issues added to the emotional difficulties of divorce. The nature of alimony has often been unpredictable, and New Hampshire has just made it easier to understand how alimony is determined.

How was alimony allocated before?

"Under the old law, we used to call it the ‘wild wild west,' if you will, because if you tried your case in [front of] five judges, you could get five different alimony answers," said a New Hampshire divorce attorney. This is because there was no formula for how to allocate alimony, and the decisions often fell to courts or mediators.

What has changed?

Senate Bill 71, which took effect in January 2019, creates a formula for calculating alimony within the state statutes. Spouses may receive up to 30 percent of the differential between their incomes, with the final total based on other factors.

For how long is alimony paid in New Hampshire?

Alimony payments after separation or divorce may continue for up to half the length of the marriage or until the person responsible for paying alimony reaches retirement age. Judges still have the authority to modify alimony to a certain degree.

Do I need a lawyer to claim alimony?

Experienced legal representation makes any divorce proceeding or alimony negotiation easier and may increase a person's chances of getting what they claim. An attorney can help a person work out an agreement that is fair, whether they are seeking alimony or being asked to pay it.

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