New Hampshire is around the middle of the pack when it comes to divorce rates by state. As a result, there’s nothing about life in the Granite State to say that it either encourages or undermines relationships between people. Lately, however, it has been higher than average, with a divorce rate of nearly 12 percent compared to the national average of just under 11 percent.

Divorce is a regular end to many marriages, and more than 125,000 people are estimated to be living in New Hampshire after at least one divorce. The city of Exeter, with 18.5 percent of its marriage-age residents being divorced, is the part of New Hampshire where it seems most common.

Many of the top ten communities with high divorce rates also have relatively high median annual incomes, which may indicate that divorce is far from the financial disaster that many people believe it is. In fact, many people delay or fail to consider divorce so they can keep their finances intact.

The increasing ease of divorce filings, some of which can now involve online filings, make divorce a more likely prospect for people in unhappy marriages. The increasing use of collaborative law and mediation efforts has also reduced the cost and time required for a successful divorce proceeding.

This does not mean a person should try to get a divorce on his or her own. An attorney can be invaluable in the process of deciding to get a divorce and how to file the appropriate paperwork. A lawyer can also defend a spouse’s interests during the legal proceedings involved.