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Risk factors that might make it more likely you’ll divorce

There are many reasons why people get divorced. Some of the most common include money troubles, infidelity and simply falling out of love. Even without some of these reasons, you might be wondering if there are other factors that make it likely you will divorce.

There are certain risk factors that you have no control over that could significantly increase your chances of divorce. Factors that may not seem like they have anything to do with the success of a marriage could actually contribute to your divorce. Here are some divorce risk factors that could cause your relationship to end.

Your parents are divorced

In general, children of divorced parents have a higher chance of getting divorced themselves. It is not only the experience of living through a parent's divorce, but scientific studies suggest that there could be biological factors at play. For example, inherited personality traits might put someone at a higher risk of divorce.

Incompatible alcohol habits

If one of you likes to indulge in a good wine with dinner but the other does not drink, it could increase your chances of divorce. In 2014, the University of Buffalo conducted a study and found that in relationships where one spouse has a heavy drinking habit and the other does not, approximately half did not make it their 10th anniversary.

You married young

While there is generally not a perfect age to get married, statistics have shown that those who got married as teenagers or in their early twenties have a higher divorce rate than those who wait until their late twenties or early thirties. However, the divorce rate spikes again with people who marry after the age of 32.

You had an expensive wedding

Those who have lavish and expensive weddings also have an increased chance of divorced compared to those who kept wedding costs below $10,000. Couples who spent more than $20,000 were almost four times more likely to get a divorce than those who spent less.

This wasn't your first walk down the aisle

While a second or third marriage is not automatically doomed, approximately 40 percent of second marriages end prior to the 10-year anniversary. Unfortunately, your chances of happily ever after tend to decrease after the first divorce.

If one of the above risk factors is present in your marriage, divorce might be in your future. If you are already contemplating divorce, be sure to take steps to protect your interests so that you come out of your marriage ready to start a new life.

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