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March 2019 Archives

Professions specialize to serve divorcing couples

Divorce is a difficult prospect, even when spouses have addressed emotional issues that exist between them. The practical concerns of dividing properties, assets and accounts are hard enough even at the best of times. This is why many professions working with divorce have specialized training or practices focusing on these practicalities.

Medical bills can lead to debt even for insured patients

Medical problems have set people's goals back since the beginning of time. In the era of modern medicine, survival and quick recovery has become more common. It has, however, become more expensive. Some people find themselves recovering from the financial aspect of health care for the rest of their lives.

Claiming a child as a dependent after divorce

When parents in New Hampshire divorce, it will affect the way they file their federal income taxes. With the tax filing deadline looming, it is important for parents to understand how to account for their children on their federal income taxes now that they are no longer married.

How can students avoid or manage debt?

Citizens of New Hampshire have a level of debt per capita higher than the national average. Although the Granite State offers many young people chances to advance their careers, debt can hold them back to a level that their entire career is affected. This is why people must be smart about debt as soon as they know they will face it.

Bankruptcy may be the answer to overwhelming medical debt

Going through a serious illness or suffering a serious injury can turn a person's life upside down. Dealing emotionally with a serious illness or injury can be challenging, and a person may simply want to do whatever it takes to regain their health. However, it won't be long before medical bills start to pile up. Sometimes these bills can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Many people in Nashua simply do not have the financial resources to absorb such expenses, and will soon find themselves facing overwhelming medical debt.

New Hampshire company emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy

No one gets married thinking of the possibility of divorce, and no one starts a business thinking about how to deal with the hardest of times. But debt can drive people and organizations to extreme measures, and some desperate managers can turn to debt consolidation and other risky methods to try and get out from under it.

New Hampshire may expand its supervised visitation network

Children are our most precious resources and regardless of child care styles, they always deserve the best of our feelings and emotions for their own well-being. Nothing challenges our abilities to take care of our children more, however, than the custody and care battles that can arise from divorce or separation.

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