Citizens of New Hampshire have a level of debt per capita higher than the national average. Although the Granite State offers many young people chances to advance their careers, debt can hold them back to a level that their entire career is affected. This is why people must be smart about debt as soon as they know they will face it.

  • What’s the best way to save while student debt is being accrued?

Most loan providers will not charge interest on principal amounts while someone is still in school. As a result, saving during college or graduate school helps people get a leg up on debt. This also allows people to avoid forbearance, which can be expensive in the long run due to mounting interest.

  • Does it help to pay off debts faster?

It is often a good idea to pay off debts, especially the principal amount, as quickly as possible without sacrificing financial stability. This can save money in the long run and keep options open if someone needs help dealing with debt later.

  • What are the ways of avoiding debt in the first place?

Scholarships and grants can defray the cost of education. Both are awarded by government agencies and private institutions on the basis of merit or need. Internships during education can help bring some money in if they are paid and build experience even if they are not.

  • How can I deal with serious debt?

An attorney can help counsel people on how to manage large or growing debts. These options may include restructuring or bankruptcy.