Divorce is a difficult prospect, even when spouses have addressed emotional issues that exist between them. The practical concerns of dividing properties, assets and accounts are hard enough even at the best of times. This is why many professions working with divorce have specialized training or practices focusing on these practicalities.

When divorce rates went up at the end of the 20th century, some new professions began to specialize. Some experienced real estate agents, for example, are certified divorce specialists. Many work with people and their lawyers to arrange the split or sale of a family home while the family is going through changes like divorce.

More than 70 percent of divorcing spouses have at least one home to dispose of during divorce. There are some esoteric laws and rules regarding real estate and divorce that can save people time and money with the right professional support. Both spouses, for example, may qualify for a tax exclusion on the sale of a house even if one spouses left up to six years previous.

“[People getting a divorce] are looking for a professional who not only empathizes with what they’re going through, but who understands the tax and legal implications of dividing real estate in a divorce,” said one real estate agent and divorce specialist.

New Hampshirites facing the prospect of divorce may get the help of an attorney with skills and experience in divorce proceedings. Legal representation insures that individuals’ interests are heard in court or mediations. It also ensures that no one has to go through one of life’s most difficult moments alone.