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April 2019 Archives

Your options when facing foreclosure in New Hampshire

Facing foreclosure can be a very scary situation to be in. You may feel that your future is uncertain. Many people decide to bury their head in the sand when faced with foreclosure papers in Nashua. However, inaction is the worst thing that a person can do if they see foreclosure on the horizon. By understanding how you can take action, you will likely be able to delay or even prevent foreclosure proceedings.

New Hampshire addresses the problem of student debt

Debt is a problem that reached historic levels in the last decade. The collapse of the subprime mortgage market triggered a massive recession that dried up the economies of several jurisdictions, including New Hampshire. Residents of the Granite State may expect to carry more than the national average of several types of debt.

Qualifying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy through the means test

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy may not be easy, but for some people in Nashua filing for bankruptcy is the best way for them to address their overwhelming debts. Some people may want to choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which a person's assets are liquidated and the proceeds are used to pay the person's creditors. After the process is complete, many of the person's debts will be extinguished.

Deciding when to compromise during an ongoing divorce

Getting a divorce means something different to everyone. For many people, it is a difficult and emotional process that marks the end of an important time in their life. For others, a divorce could be the foundation on which they build their future. Emotions run rampant. The way that you feel and view divorce will absolutely inform the way that you strategize for and manage your divorce.

What will courts consider when making child custody decisions?

Deciding how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities is essential when parents are divorcing. These decisions can be very emotional, as generally both parties want to spend as much time with their child as possible. While sometimes parents can work out child custody issues on their own, other times they must turn to the court to issue a ruling on child custody. Such rulings will be based on the best interests of the child. Family law courts in New Hampshire will consider several factors when determining how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities.

How does the Granite State manage child custody claims?

What about the children? This question should come at nearly every phase of a divorce between parents. Children are affected by every decision from who looks after them at the end of the school year to who gets specific assets that may eventually go to them. It may not be the biggest consideration for adults in emotional turmoil, but child custody is one of the most important issues they will ever manage.

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