Marriage is a serious undertaking, often referred to as the merging of love and contracts. Anyone who has been divorced can testify that marriages may be easier to enter than to exit. Although divorce has gotten easier and cheaper over the last few decades in New Hampshire and most of the United States, it is still difficult.

Divorce often involves legal documents and directives on how former spouses act towards each other, their children and other relatives or friends. Violations of these directives may be considered a serious offense, especially when they involve children.

A former professional football player was arrested in New Hampshire for stalking after he visited his daughter’s school hoping to see her. The visit violated a protection order that was put into effect a few days earlier when the father arrived unannounced at a sports event attended by family whom he had not seen or spoken to in years.

While charges were pending, a judge in Concord extended the temporary protection order for a year, requiring the father to avoid his ex-wife and their daughter. These orders may be useful to victims of domestic violence looking to escape the danger or prevent it from affecting their children.

People dealing with divorce or its consequences are always entitled to representation by an attorney. Legal help can be invaluable when spouses or former spouses feel they have nowhere to turn for help but the courts. A lawyer can make it easier to claim child support, alimony and other benefits related to divorce, separation or the needs of growing children.