Taking an out-of-state vacation during the summer is a tradition for many families. Families across Nashua may be gearing up to visit their favorite amusement park, see relatives that live in other parts of the country, or visit popular natural landmarks. However, if a child’s parents are divorced, they may need to take certain steps before hitting the road with their child.

First, it can help for parents to plan ahead by reviewing their current child custody order. This order may indicate when a parent can take the child on an out-of-state trip. It also may contain details on how much advance notice parents must give their ex regarding their vacation plans. There may also be conditions on how far away a parent can take a child and how long the vacation can last. Parents should also note when vacation plans deviate from their normal child custody and visitation schedules, so they can make appropriate arrangements.

Parents wishing to take a trip with their child following a divorce should also make sure their ex has all the necessary details about the trip. This may include how long the trip will last, the method of transportation being used, which hotel they will be staying at and other details about the trip. It is important that both parents be on the same page, so they know what to expect.

If one or both parents find that the current child custody order conflicts with their vacation plans, they may wish to have the agreement modified. Sometimes, parents can agree to a modification out of court. However, other times parents must turn to the court to issue a decision on changing the current child custody order. Courts will modify an order based on the best interests of the child.

Summer is a popular vacation time, but, if parents are divorced, there may be certain details they need to attend to, so they can take their child on a trip without violating their child custody order. When all parties are on the same page regarding child custody during the summer, it can make vacations both memorable and less stressful for all involved.