Child support is one of the most misunderstood and wrongfully maligned aspects of divorce in modern America. Many people seem to think of child support as a way for one spouse to control or abuse another financially. In reality, the parent who retains primary custody of the children will incur substantial expense in providing for the needs of those kids.

From space in their house or apartment to school supplies and food, to say nothing of entertainment and sports, there are many costs that a parent will absorb for their children. Child support can contribute to any aspect of the monthly budget, and it is a way that the parent who has less time with the children can still contribute to their lives and help support them.

The amounts people pay in child support are not arbitrary. The courts do not randomly assign a price for monthly support. Instead, there is a careful formula that the New Hampshire family courts follow when determining how much an individual should pay in child support.

Family size, income and medical costs all play a role

The courts will do their best to create a solution in your divorce that works as well as possible for everyone. Ensuring that the children have a stable living situation and adequate emotional and financial support is a primary concern. The more your combined household income and higher your overall standard of living, the more you may have to pay in child support.

If you have more children, the amount you have to pay will also increase. The courts are also going to look at your average cost for both health care and childcare. Divorces in families where a child has special needs can prove to be more expensive in terms of child support than other divorces in custody cases.

The courts will often look at familial issues, like whether there is a drastic discrepancy in earning potential between the two spouses seeking a divorce, which makes exact predictions hard. Still, you can go through a digital calculation process that will provide an estimate of your child support obligations.

It is possible to change child support when your situation changes

Income and many other aspects of your life can change with little warning. When that happens, you may find yourself facing a new financial situation that doesn’t align properly with the existing child support order.

If your income has drastically decreased, you may be able to have the courts modify your child support payments. However, you must request a hearing and go through official channels. You cannot simply start paying less in support because your income decreases.

Talking with an attorney who has experience with New Hampshire divorces can give you a better idea of what you can expect as you move forward.