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August 2019 Archives

How much home equity can you preserve in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

People in New Hampshire may find themselves considering bankruptcy for different reasons. For some people, bankruptcy is the results of medical issues, like cancer. For other people, bankruptcy may be the best option available after their personal debt levels slowly increased over a number of years. What may seem like a minor issue at first can quickly snowball into something unsustainable for you and your income.

How can Nashua residents bounce back after filing for bankruptcy?

Sometimes when a person in Nashua is facing insurmountable debts, filing for bankruptcy is the responsible thing to do. However, just because a person filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn't mean that their post-bankruptcy financial future is ruined. In fact, rebounding financially from bankruptcy is sometimes not as hard as it might seem, and it is certainly better than letting debts grow and go unpaid.

How to get a mortgage modification

There may come a point in your life when you're no longer able to make your mortgage payments. Maybe you've fallen behind because of a serious health problem. Maybe you've lost your job and are not earning nearly as much money as you once were.

How are Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans calculated?

When people in New Hampshire think of bankruptcy, their first thought may be of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which the debtor's assets are collected and sold to pay back creditors. However, another bankruptcy option available to some is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this type of bankruptcy, the debtor will execute a three to five-year repayment plan that is approved by their creditors and the court. The plan will have the debtor pay monthly installments to a trustee, who will use those funds to pay back the debtor's creditors.

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