With the holiday season getting into full swing at the end of October, it’s important to turn your attention to child custody-related matters. The sooner you get on the same page as your ex-spouse, the easier it is to organize your holiday schedule to provide your children with the experiences they deserve.

Here are three child custody tips to help reduce tension and arguments during the holidays:

  • Celebrate together: It’s not always easy to do, but celebrating together is a great way to provide your children with an unforgettable experience. For example, maybe you and your ex both take your children trick or treating on Halloween.
  • Plan in advance: Don’t wait until the last minute to discuss your holiday schedule and plans with your ex. By talking things through in advance, you can agree to a schedule that suits all parties.
  • Be flexible: Even if your parenting plan outlines how to approach the holidays, flexibility is critical to your success during this busy time of the year. For example, if your ex asks to change their visitation dates, review your schedule to see if there’s any way to accommodate it.

Following these child custody tips will allow you to better enjoy the holiday season with your children.

If you run into any issues with your ex, such as them refusing to follow your parenting plan and visitation schedule, learn more about your legal rights and how to protect them. You may need to take steps to ensure that their actions don’t inhibit your ability to enjoy the holidays.