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Social media: Think carefully before using it during divorce

Social media is a pretty standard part of most people's lives today. Many people use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to stay connected.

When things are going well in your life, social media isn't likely to have much of an impact. However, if you decide to pursue a divorce, that's when you need to sit down and think about the impact social media could have on your case. Is it worth using social media, or should you set it aside until your case is over? Here are a few thoughts.

Social media can backfire during divorce

One reason many attorneys suggest to stay off social media is because it can backfire. You might be seeking spousal support, for example, but post a photo of you buying something expensive and new. Are you allowed to do that? Sure, but it may not look great to the judge presiding over your case.

Social media also has the potential to catch people lying. For instance, if your spouse fails to report an asset that is later present in photos or discussed on social media, you could use that evidence to bring up the missing asset during your divorce.

Social media can lead to public fights

Another good reason to avoid social media is because of the risk of getting into a fight with your ex-spouse, their friends or relatives online. You don't want to do anything that could damage your reputation or come across as controversial. Let your attorney handle remarks made by your ex-spouse or their associates, and focus on keeping your own social media shut down or clean of any controversial posts.

Social media can have some benefits in divorce (for the other side)

While your attorney will likely tell you to stay off social media and to avoid posting, there is some benefit to searching social media accounts that your spouse owns. You may be able to locate missing or hidden assets, collect evidence against your spouse or even print our harassing emails or texts that help further your claims. It's much easier to find evidence and proof of certain behaviors on social media, because once something is on the internet, it very rarely is able to be completely erased.

Your attorney will talk to you more about social media and if you should continue to use it during your divorce. Be cautious, so you know where you stand throughout the divorce proceedings.

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