Even when a married coupe has many years under their belt, this does not mean that there relationship is indestructible. In fact, some spouses in New Hampshire and elsewhere will end their union after decades of marriage. This can make for a complex process, as this means sorting through numerous divorce issues. Doing this in front of the public eye can further complicate the process, as celebrities and public figures must deal with tabloids and public opinion on this sensitive matter.

According to recent reports, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin filed her counterclaim to her estranged husband’s divorce filing. This response occurred after her husband of 30 years filed for divorce on his 55th birthday. In this petition, he seeks joint custody of their 11-year-old son. The couple’s four other children are adults.

While the couple has jointly agreed to seal the entire court record, keeping the divorce case from the public, it is reported that Sarah does not agree with her husband Todd on all issues in the divorce. IT was further reported that Todd noted that their split was due to incompatible temperaments, making it impossible for the two to live together as husband and wife.

It is not clear what issues they have with regards to the divorce filing, as the couple has taken measures to keep this information from the general public. Furthermore, both have provided very limited comments on the matter, indicating that they are seeking to keep this matter as private as possible.

No matter the reason for a divorce filing, it is important that spouses understand their rights throughout this process. Whether it is resolved though mediation, arbitration, collaboration, litigation or a combination of these, it is essential that spouses explore their options when it comes to resolving their divorce issues.